Conference Attendance as a Means of Professional Development

August 4, 2023

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Conference Attendance as a Means of Professional Development

At Electrum, we encourage and support our team to attend role- and industry-specific conferences, as a way to contribute to individual growth and professional development.

The financial services industry is ever evolving and keeping abreast of its rapid technological advancements and regulatory changes is critical to ensuring our technology is on point. In addition, the opportunity to network with industry peers and leaders helps add to personal learning opportunities.

Why Electrum backs conference attendance

It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday tasks associated with your role at work and, while this is part of the process of mastering your job, it comes with the risk of creating tunnel vision. We avoid tunnel vision because it:

  • Limits different perspectives;

  • Stifles creativity and innovation; and

  • Slows down growth.

We encourage employees across all professional levels to attend conferences that they can attain value from. They can range from small niche events with room for direct dialogue to industry-wide events, attended by stakeholders from our community, and super conferences that include industry leaders from all over the world. We’ve identified three key benefits employees can get from going to conferences.

Stand-out benefits of attending conferences

1. Building reputation

Attending conferences presents the opportunity to develop a unique professional voice and reputation capital. Conference delegates become accustomed to engaging with industry leaders, allowing network growth through personalised connections. Networking in this way enables conference attendees to build a positive reputation. Over time, it lends credibility to the individual’s voice, which they can then leverage while establishing business relationships with potential customers.‍

2. Keeping a finger on the industry’s pulse

How do you stay a few steps ahead in a dynamic industry like fintech? You monitor trends (and set new ones). Conference sessions can provide forecasts on industry trends and opportunities to learn from peers and experts. They help delegates to gain valuable information and a competitive edge as professionals.

‍3. Collective problem solving

As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work. Some industry problems require collaboration, even between competing organisations, to streamline the flow of business in a sustainable way. By attending conferences, employees gain exposure to opportunities for collaboration, industry problem-solving panels, participating in forums, and joining or forming decision-making committees.

Let’s hear from Electrolites who have attended recent conferences:

Feedback from Electrum employees after attending industry conferences

The learnings shared above demonstrate how conferences nourish collaboration, continuous learning, and innovation. An essential part of life at Electrum is offering employees the support they need when they identify and motivate for professional development opportunities they could benefit from. We’re always ready to support activities that help individuals in our team to expand their horizons.

Looking for a workplace that is willing to invest in your personal and professional progression? Visit our Careers page to apply for an open role.

Electrum Payments

Electrum Payments

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